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Staff Contacts

Lori Carr Majority Owner Contact 315-461-9999
Mike Carr President Contact 315-579-0392
Jeanine Dardaris Senior Account Manager / Lead Logistics and Accounting Recruiter Contact 315-579-0384
Jessica Patnode Senior Account Manager / Lead Mental Health Recruiter Contact 315-579-0415
Natasha Shugart Account Manager / Lead Professional & Technical Recruiter Contact 315-579-0381
Nichola Paquette Recruiter Contact 315-579-0386
Julie Stringer Senior Account Manager / Lead Legal Recruiter Contact 315-579-0382
Lisa Cartwright Account Manager / Lead Construction Recruiter Contact 315-579-0387
Doreen Oechsle Account Manager / Lead Engineering Recruiter Contact 315-579-0389
Beth Lyon Account Manager / Lead Skilled Trades Recruiter Contact 315-579-0385
Ashley Barry Lead Healthcare Recruiter Contact 315-579-0383
Lillian Withers Recruiter Contact 315-579-0391
Michael Carr Intern Contact 315-457-5555
Gabrielle Carr Intern Contact 315-457-5555
Benjamin Carr Intern Contact 315-457-5555