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Referral Fee

Once you have decided on a candidate your HR department takes over.  We do not do any pre-employment screening.  The one time referral fee is 9% of the candidate's first year's estimated earnings.  This option is ideal for clients with occasional job openings.

For example:  
Inside Sales           First year salary:  $35,000            Referral Fee 9%:  $3,150
Engineer                 First year salary:  $70,000            Referral Fee 9%:  $6,300

Shared services - recruiting

Carr Recruiting Solutions will place ad(s), allocate specific staff time every week to Client's opening(s) (including searching various sources and performing limited pre-screening) and have all staff always conducting indirect sourcing activities in order to submit as many appropriate candidates as possible during the contract term.  This option is ideal for clients w


We offer this service only for entry level administrative or manufacturing positions in the Syracuse market.  A bill rate will be determined based on the pay rate and your workmen's compensation code.  Once you have decided on a candidate we will start our screening process.  Upon complete we will place the qualified candidate with you on a contract-to-hire basis for a minimum period of 520 hours (or longer if you desire).  This gives you the opportunity to assess a candidate before hiring them. 

Long-Term Project / Payrolling

Long-Term Project

Similar to Contract-to-Hire except the duration of employment with us is open-ended.




Our client refers a candidate to us for consideration.  If they pass our screening, they can be hired on a Contract-To-Hire or Long-Term Project basis.  There is a reduction in our fee for candidates referred to us.