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A bill rate will be determined based on the pay rate and your workmen's compensation code.  Once you have decided on a candidate we will start our screening process.  Upon complete we will place the qualified candidate with you on a contract-to-hire basis for a minimum period of 520 hours (or longer if you desire).  This gives you the opportunity to assess a candidate before hiring them. 

After the candidate has met our 520 hour threshold, you may bring the candidate onto your payroll at no additional cost.  A buyout option is offered should you desire to hire the candidate before the threshold has been met.  

Our contract-to-hire option also allows you to save on benefit costs by deferring a new hires’ eligibility date.

For example:  
Entry-level Admin Assistant          Pay rate:  $12 per hour          Billing rate:  $18.15 per hour
Entry-level Machine Operator       Pay rate:  $12 per hour          Billing rate:  $19.25 per hour